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MEAS work with Environmental sustainable solutions
MEAS is a Swedish company with core areas:
• Infrastructure
• Environment
• Energy
• Transport
• Communication

We have experts and knowledge in all these areas. Project management or Turnkey is Your Choice.
We are happy to have a unique solution to offer in the area of Waste to Energy together with our partners.
Today we are introducing our environment concept in Iraq (on hold), Egypt and India.
Sweden has experience and knowledge of how to start and implement solutions when it comes to solve environmental problems. One big question is if You have a plan for:

• Hazardous waste
• Correct waste treatment, Waste to Energy
• Recycling
• Water treatement

We have the knowledge to help You.

A Feasibilitystudy is always the best way to start because then you get the local condition correct. Considering the long-term changes in the society we like to work together with the authorities. We are not there for a quick fix since we would like to work together with You for a long time and meet the new future together.

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