Middle East Agency Sweden AB, the Swedish agent, who successfully managed to become a powerful platform for the reconstruction of parts of Iraq. This together with Swedish and other partners in Iraq.

MEAS started in the mid 1990s, with the aim of creating trade between companies in the Middle East and Sweden. For natural reasons, it was initially focused on Lebanon with the surroundings, when the founders of MEAS have their roots there.
After a few years of varying success, a number of experts gathered in different areas and began to build up expertise and concept solutions in Environment and Energy. Infrastructure has always been a key area and since some of this new team has its roots in Iraq it was natural to focus your business on it and help the country slowly rebuild.

Since 2007, MEAS has been working to anchor new solutions to selected areas where there are major needs in Iraq, the environment and energy. We have got an understanding of the need for long-term solutions and that it is in partnership with the Iraqis that the infrastructure in the country needs to be built up. MEAS can offer help with planning and structure as well as education and guidance so that Iraq can get started.

Here too, it can be noted that a lot of work and patience are needed to get around old ways of working while at the same time Iraq is about to be reborn as a democratic nation in a comprehensive process.
Now, MEAS with its partners has visited Iraq in the spring to finally anchor a number of projects in the field of environment and energy.